DID + Supersprox ChainkitChain, Pinion, Sprocket

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D.I.D chain + Supersprox front/rear sprockets
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74 550 Ft
59 500 Ft

DID + Supersprox Chainkit
Chain, Pinion, Sprocket

D.I.D chain + Supersprox front/rear sprockets

  • The gold-plated Supersprox Stealth sprockets are impressive, and not just because they look great: They are very durable, without any downside in terms of weight.
  • They last three times longer than aluminium sprockets, yet are as lightweight as they could possibly be. That means performance and functionality without any compromise. In conjunction with a D.I.D chain, the Stealth/D.I.D chain kit is probably the best possible option for your bike, and a guarantee of long, trouble-free riding.
Termékváltozat Cikkszám Elérhetőség Ár
CK DID/STEALTH 530VX YZF-R6 03-05 116/16/48 Important notes
  • YAMAHA YZF-R6, 599 ccm, 2003 - 2004 (RJ051/091)
10048632 végkiárusítás - rendelhető, 5-8 munkanap 59 500 Ft 74 550 Ft Kosárba

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