Reparaturanleitung China, Taiwan, KoreaMotorroller, 288 S.

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Automatic transmission models, 50 to 200 cc
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Reparaturanleitung China, Taiwan, Korea
Motorroller, 288 S.

Automatic transmission models, 50 to 200 cc

  • Mass-produced, inexpensive scooters from Asia are light, manoevrable, brightly coloured and, above all, affordable. They are very popular - and not just among young people.
  • However, for many there is almost no service, scarcely any spare parts (or at least they are hard to come by) and no technical information. If problems arise, the owner is forced to improvise, which doesn't always turn out well.
  • This book describes the basic servicing and repair jobs on scooters from various Asian manufacturers that you can do yourself rather than going to a professional workshop. The key technical data on 118 models is given in 17 data sheets.
  • The service and repair manual for scooter riders!
  • Approx. 256 pages, 1,280 colour illustrations, size 21 x 27 cm, paperback
  • Only in german language
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CHINA, TAIWAN, KOREA SCOOTER REP. MANUAL, 288P 10053461 rendelhető, 5-8 munkanap 6 970 Ft Kosárba

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