Warning Flasher

Azonosító: 10034951
Hazard warning flasher systemComplete with fittings!
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11 400 Ft

Warning Flasher

Hazard warning flasher system

Complete with fittings!

  • Relay, switch with indicator lamp (both ready-wired), along with connecting terminals and cable ties
  • Only four cables need to be connected: positive, negative, turn signal left, turn signal right - done!
  • Still works when the ignition is off and the key removed
  • The waterproof on/off switch fits all metric and imperial handlebars
  • Suitable for 12 V vehicle voltage
  • Relay functions with a total lamp power of between 10 W and 200 W (99% of all bikes have a total power of 84 W)
  • Important! Due to the low wattage of LED turn signals, a special flasher unit (Order no. 10033844) is required, unless the LED turn signals have been mounted together with power resistors.
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HAZARD WARNING FLASHER SYSTEM, 12 V, 10034951 rendelhető, 5-8 munkanap 11 400 Ft Kosárba

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