Kellermann LED Turn Signal

Azonosító: 10033101
Kellermann "micro 1000 white" LED turn signal
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19 500 Ft-tól

Kellermann LED Turn Signal

Kellermann "micro 1000 white" LED turn signal

  • E-approved as front and rear turn signal
  • The latest LED technology in the design and size of the micro 1000
  • Clear lens!
  • Extremely long life (approx. 50,000 h) thanks to MOSFET-controlled internal Long Life Protection Guard circuit
  • The optimum radiation characteristics of the high-performance lens and the fast reaction of the LEDs make for greater safety!
  • Can be used on any motorcycle!
  • In some cases, resistors or a load-independent relay may be needed to reduce the flashing frequency
  • Available in chrome, satin chrome and black
  • 4 W LED
  • Includes silent rubber fastening M8x20
  • Sold individually
Termékváltozat Cikkszám Elérhetőség Ár
*MICRO 1000* LED TURN SIG WHITE LENS, POL. CHROME 10033102 Raktáron 21 450 Ft Kosárba
*MICRO 1000* LED TURN SIG WHITE LENS, BLACK 10033103 rendelhető, 5-8 munkanap 19 500 Ft Kosárba

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